Book a Shopping Appointment!

Want to visit us at the store? You can book an appointment here: 

Here are some shopping deets:

  • new store hours are 11am-6pm tuesday through saturday by appointment
  • face masks are required (gloves + hand sanitizer will be available too!
  • please book your appointment via the link below so we can be ready for you! You will receive a follow up message w/ reminders about your appointment.
  • 2 person maximum per appointment (it can be you individually (with a possible other person shopping too) or you and a friend/family member. please let us know in advance the total number of shoppers
  • we prefer no children at this time - all for their safety :) But, we can make special solo shopping accommodations for moms wanting to shop w/ children. strollers are recommended. 

please don't hesitate to contact us w/ any questions! you can call or text us at 305-284-8455 or DM us! We are happy to help anyway that we can :)