OHM rewards

So happy you've joined OHM online rewards! It's easy: Find the crown on the bottom right corner of the website and click "Join". If you already have an account with us, just sign in. 

You get to earn points and rewards while you shop online now! There are several ways to earn.

1 point for every $1 spent

50 points = Like on Facebook

50 points = Instagram Follow

200 points = Signing up


As you accumulate your points, you will become eligible for certain rewards!

Example: 500 points = $15 off your next order or 20% off your next order.

The best part - is that YOU choose how to redeem these fun rewards in your purchases at ohmboutique.com.

And it's super easy! If you already have an account with us - you have been automatically added. Just sign in! If you don't have an account with us, it's super quick and easy to sign up!

 Just a few very important details:

  • every $1 spent in only value of order merchandise - shipping + tax paid is not included in dollar spent value
  • ohm rewards points are eligible on orders placed on and after April 1st, 2020, not previous orders
  • facebook like, instagram follows, signing up, celebrate a birthday - are all one time point earners 
  • rewards are not transferrable to different accounts. you must be logged into your account (same account email) to use/redeem points AND to receive your points. please make sure to always log in to your rewards program before completing your purchase AND to use the same account email :)
  • you must use the same email every time during your purchases - that is how we recognize your account and we are able to award your points
  • you can only use 1 reward at a time - multiple rewards cannot be combined. they are one time use rewards. they can't be reinstated or reimbursed, even if item is returned.
  • you must reach the points to unlock a reward; rewards cannot be used prior to unlocking a reward
  • rewards are not applicable on shipping or taxes. 
  • they are evenly applied to your entire order. if your order is has 2 items and you have a $10 reward you want to redeem, a $5 discount will be applied to each item (evenly divided). rewards are one time use (one time use = means that if you apply a discount reward that you redeemed from points, and if you decide to return the item for store credit or exchange the item, the discount amount (reward) expires, it was only valid for one purchase; the reward discount does not get reinstated)
  • celebrate a birthday 100 pts - you add your birthday, and you are awarded the points when you're birthday comes around!
  • give the system a few minutes for your points to be credited to your account - if you see you haven't been awarded points, take a screenshot and let us know. we will help you fix it :)
  • the only time that points will be deducted are if you purchase anything other than merchandise (shipping cost, prepaid label) or if your order is refunded - with a refund, the points get subtracted of your total amount. 
  • rewards program began on April 1, 2020. any transactions prior to this date are not included in earning points 
  • Please note online rewards can not be accumulated or redeemed in stores. 


  • You can send links to your friends - If they purchase, they get $10 off a minimum $50 purchase and you get a $10 coupon sent to your inbox.
  • They must be 1st time customers to be eligible to use the referral

If you have any questions - please don't hesitate to contact us at hello@ohmboutique.com or text us at 305-284-8455! We are happy to help!